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Conscious rap is a sub-genre of hip-hop music that is worried about social modification taking place through self-knowledge, stressing individual awareness and instilling knowledge among its listeners.In reality, the only two hip-hop artists to ever win a Grammy for the best album of the year were Lauryn Hill and Outkast; both considered to be mindful artists. Conscious Rap does this constantly to up lift better times. He desires not just make terrific music and art, however to likewise be "every artist's preferred rapper and every rapper's favorite artist."

In the late 1980s and mid-1990s,


Christ Conscious Rap Genius

Listen to different designs of rap music, such as hip hop, gangsta, crunk music and conscious rap. The smell of a flower may cause us to feel a weird melancholy, a deja vu type sensation but we can not remember the event that goes with it. In fact a few of the trap hip-hop artist carry out in clubs. Guest-featuring of US hip-hop duo Dead Prez, a group known for their activism and case for a much better world, the track sees two groups unite to agitate the status quo of what rap music has become, i.e. a mean that has been commoditised and which glorifies product gain, consequently counter-ra